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Hey Frank Vinyl Family!
Last year I launched my first iPhone Preset Pack and have been receiving requests to sell my 02 preset as a single item. So here it is, my Metallic 02 Single Preset for Lightroom Mobile. 
You don't need a Lightroom subscription or even Lightroom installed. You can download the Lightroom App for free directly to your iPhone and edit straight from there. These presets will be sent to you asap via email as soon as you purchase. 


This pack includes:

  • The Single 02 FV Preset that is my most used preset when editing my iPhone photos for that beautiful metallic/moody finish
  • Installation Guide: Step-by-Step instructions on how to get the files + use the presets with the Lightroom Mobile App.
  • These presets are meant ONLY for iPhone photos   

These photos will work best with :

  • Backgrounds that have blue sky, blue ocean, nature, plants
  • Natural lighting typically shot in shade or golden hour
  • Slightly Underexposed photos

Please keep in mind that the preset will work differently for everyone and every photo (different light, different colors.. etc). Preset will need to be slightly altered and tweaked after applying the preset. You can make it yours by adjusting the exposure, white balance, contrast and temperature. 



Since presets cannot be returned, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Unauthorized distribution of this preset is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

General knowledge of the Lightroom Mobile App is encouraged and needed in order to use these presets properly! Don't worry, this preset is for both beginners and pros but this is NOT a simple filter where you only have to push a button. Further tweaking will be needed. These are NOT meant for Raw photos.

Preset will need to be downloaded on to your computer then sent to your iPhone. You can not download directly from your phone. 

I would love to see what you guys do with these presets. Make sure to tag + use the hashtag #FVPresets so I can share with the Frank Vinyl family! 

Thank you for all your support!

 - xx F